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Notes and News: One Yoga Center, Foster RI

One Yoga Center’s New Web Site!

Hi Everyone,

In January I wrote to share that I was developing a new web site and a new business name. This past week I finally launched the site at It’s a beautiful site, and I hope you find it attractive and easy to use. I would love any feedback that you are willing to offer regarding the usability of the site. I really want it to work for you and if there are changes needed I am open to suggestions.

This change does not affect the Yoga studio. One Yoga Center will remain One Yoga Center. The only change is our new location on the web and – as time unfolds – a host of new services.

I hope this message finds you well and happy.

Blessings and Namaste, Ellen

Gentle Chair Yoga for Everybody

Rejuvenation Yoga for optimal well-being – a gentle chair Yoga class

Forget about having to get up and down form the floor and enjoy all the benefits of Yoga in this gentle and effective class.

Much of the Yoga seen in contemporary media seems out of reach for the “average” body never mind for those of us with health or physical challenges. The truth of the matter however is that Yoga can be adapted in many ways so that it can be practiced by EVERYONE.  It is such a healthy, relaxing and healing practice that it is truly worth experiencing it for yourself.  In this class we will focus on healthy posture, joint mobility & stability, emotional & physical stress release, strength & flexibility – all geared toward optimal well-being.

  • Explore healthy movement from sitting and standing positions (modifications will be offered to meet individual needs)
  • Practice breathing exercises to improve respiration and support health and homeostasis in all bodily systems
  • Discover relaxation techniques to help with pain management and alleviate stress

Students will be asked to complete a healthy history form at the start of the first class.

Please note: Class is currently being held in our second floor studio.

Class are held on Tuesday mornings from 11:00-12:00

Adayashanti – A Spiritual Exploration

Sangha can be loosely translated as a gathering or community. In this light, we will be coming together as a community to meditate and discuss the teaching of Adayashanti. Adayashanti is one of the premier spiritual teachers of this time. His teachings are refreshingly clear and absent of dogma. He clears a path for understanding how “realization” or “awakening” unfolds through developing an attitude of acceptance and openness toward every aspect of life.

In Adaya’s words; “Spiritual awakening is a remembering. It is not becoming something that we are not. It is not about transforming ourselves. It is not about changing ourselves. It is a remembering of what we are, as if we’d know it long ago and had simply forgotten.” Participation does not require a familiarity with Adaya’s teaching. An interest in spiritual exploration is all that is needed. Please join us.

This group is on break.  Please call or email if you are interested in attending.

No fee

      To view a video clip of Adayashanti go to: